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Do you need a property damage claim attorneys in Pompano Beach?

Having your property damaged by a hurricane, flood, or another natural disaster can be devastating. But it what’s even more devastating when your insurance company tries to evade its responsibilities.
However, with the right property damage claim attorney, getting an insurance claim settlement you deserve is possible, regardless of how difficult it may seem. Louis Law Group has a team of attorneys ready to help you, no matter where you live.
Pompano Beach is a Florida community that often faces hurricanes and powerful storms that lead to extreme property damage. Although insurance companies provide coverage for property damage incurred during such events, without an experienced professional damage control attorney like the ones available at Louis Law Group, you might end up being cheated by your insurer.
Here’s what your insurance company might tell you when they try to deny or reduce your claim to avoid giving you the full settlement you’re owed:

  • The value of your claim does not match the cost of the damage. The insurance company will attempt to devalue your claim by saying the damage done was not as critical as you claimed it was. However, they can only get away with this if you fail to use the services of an experienced property damage claim attorney.
  • Your home did not meet current building codes. Your insurance company may say that your home did not meet the current building codes, even if this is not the case.
  • Your policy doesn’t cover the type of damage you’re claiming for. Your insurance company can reduce your claim by saying that your policy doesn’t address the damage done to your property. They might get away with this if you lack an experienced property damage claim attorney.
  • There’s no proof of what you claimed caused the damage. Another tactic used by insurance companies to devalue your claim is to ask for evidence you show exactly what damaged or destroyed your property. An experienced property damage claim attorney will ensure you can support your claim with solid evidence.

There are many property damage claim attorneys in Pompano Beach, but the team at Louis Law Group is different. Here’s why:

  • We’ll let you know your rights vis a vis your insurance company. We know that a battle with your insurance company is no fun, so we help you know exactly what your policy says you’re entitled to.
  • We’ll help you manage your case. Requesting a property damage settlement is stressful – especially after a disaster – so we’re willing to handle your case while you’re trying to get back on your feet. Our legal team will manage all the paperwork, deadlines, and correspondence.
  • We’ll appeal any claim denial. If your insurance company denies your claim, you don’t have to accept their decision. The property damage claim attorneys at Louis Law Group in Pompano Beach will act on your behalf to appeal the decision and negotiate a favorable and fair settlement.
  • We’ll file a lawsuit if necessary. If filing a lawsuit against your insurance company will help you get a settlement, we’re willing to take that path.

It is also essential to know the different types of property damage claims and the kind of coverage your insurance company provides. This will help you choose the most suitable policy for you. Policies typically cover damages caused by:

  • Water: Water has always been a big threat to people’s homes and property. Your property can be damaged by storms, leaking appliances, damaged roofs, and burst pipes. It is essential to review your insurance policy, as many companies offer this coverage.
  • Mold: You’d be surprised by how much damage mold can cause. Unlike other damage that appears visibly and at once, mold appears slowly and over time. If left unattended, it can damage both your home and your family’s health. It’s essential to check your insurance policy and seek compensation if you notice mold in your home.
  • Fire: Fire is another big threat to your home. You need to be sure your insurance company offers compensation for fire damage.
  • Wind: The importance of your home’s roof cannot be overemphasized, since a house with a damaged roof is vulnerable to further interior damage, and a house without a roof is no use at all. Hence, it’s critical to know whether your insurance policy covers roof damage.
  • Theft: No one wants a thief to break into their home, but we don’t always get what we want. Your home can be burglarized at any time. If it is, it is useful to have insurance coverage for theft that can help pay for stolen items or property damage.

Property damage insurance is great, but it’s almost useless without a property damage claim attorney that can guarantee you’ll get a fair settlement if you file a claim. Fortunately, that’s exactly what the attorneys at Louis Law Group in Pompano Beach do. We’ll ensure you’ll get your rightful compensation from your insurance company. To book a free, no-hassle consultation on your property claim, call us at (954) 676-4179.
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