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The Louis Law Group Offers Excellent Insurance Claim Litigation Service in Florida. 

Insurance claim litigation often arises when an insurance provider is not ready to honor or meet the agreement in an insurance policy. If your insurance company doesn’t want to provide coverage for the damages to your insured home, the Louis Law Group can help with filing a lawsuit. READ MORE

The Louis Law Group Offers Excellent Insurance Claim Litigation Service in Florida. 

Insurance coverage disputes occur when an insurance company or provider denies the damages claim filed by a policyholder. Generally, they state the reasoning to be the insurance policy does not cover the specific issue filed in the claim. This issue often arises due to a disparity between the insurance provider and the policyholder regarding the insurance policy. READ MORE

The Louis Law Group Provides Outstanding Assignment of Benefit Litigation Service in Florida.

Assignment of Benefit (AOB) is an agreement signed by a policyholder that gives authority to a third party to file claims on his/her behalf. In other words, it is the transfer of insurance claims decisions from the policyholder to a third party. It gives the third party the power to file a claim, make repair decisions, and collect compensation for damages directly from the insurance provider. READ MORE

The Louis Law Group Provides Outstanding Insurance Bad Faith Litigation Service in Florida.

In cases where the property insurer is not ready to treat you in good faith and deal fairly with you, insurance bad faith litigation might be the best way to get compensation from your insurance provider. The Louis Law Group is committed to helping homeowners claim their fair compensation from insurance providers for any home damages. READ MORE

The Louis Law Group Provides Excellent Pre-suit Claims Handling Service in Florida.

A pre-suit claim occurs before you take your homeowner’s insurance company to court. It is the stage where you strive to reach an amicable agreement with the insurance provider. Pre-suit can be an effective way to resolve claim issues with your insurance company, and it’s what we do best at the Louis Law Group. READ MORE

The Louis Law Group Represents Policyholders at Examinations Under Oath in Florida.

An examination under oath (EUO) is a formal proceeding that allows a policyholder to prove that they experienced property damages to his/her insurance provider. This examination often takes place in court, under oath, and in the presence of a court reporter. The examination is a series of questions asked by the attorney representing an insurance provider to ascertain whether the truthfulness of your Florida home insurance claims.  READ MORE

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