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The Louis Law Group Provides Outstanding Insurance Bad Faith Litigation Service in Florida

What is Insurance Bad Faith litigation?

Florida homeowners purchase insurance so they can be covered financially by their insurer if they experience home damages. That is often the promise of insurance providers to policyholders. When an insurance provider is not committed or fails to honor the policy agreement, then you have the right to consider the act as bad faith. In other words, insurance bad faith means your insurance provider has unfairly treated you. Insurance bad faith litigation might be the best way to get compensation from your insurance provider in this situation.

The Louis Law Group is committed to helping homeowners get their fair claim payouts from insurance providers for covered home damages. Our team of competent attorneys will help you file an insurance bad faith litigation against your insurer. We will fight to get you fair insurance coverage, quickly.

Signs of Insurance Bad Faith

Numerous signs indicate your insurance provider is acting in bad faith while processing your insurance claims. Here are some of the reasons you can sue your insurer for bad faith:

  • Failure to communicate with you during the claims process
  • Inability to promptly process your legitimate claims
  • Refusal to pay claims, even when your insurance policy clearly states you’re eligible for compensation for the damages
  • Failure to pay the actual value of your claims
  • Failure to enter into negotiations for settlement of your claims
  • Failure to investigate your claim before refusal

Seek Our Help for Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

The Louis Law Group is home to competent lawyers dedicated to helping policyholders fight their insurance company for bad faith. We understand the annoyance of experiencing insurance bad faith, especially with powerful insurance companies. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced attorneys will file lawsuits on your behalf and make sure you get the benefits you deserve from your insurance provider.

Before filing a lawsuit on your behalf, we’ll take you through our insurance bad faith litigation process. We’ll check your documents and review your claims against your insurance policy to determine whether litigation is the right way to go. If it is, we’ll aggressively file an insurance bad faith litigation against your insurance company.

Contact Us for Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

The Louis Law Group has completed numerous cases of insurance bad faith for several Florida clients successfully. Our attorneys are highly experienced in insurance bad faith litigation. You can count on us to fight for your rights in a court of law.

If you are in Florida, contact our office, call (954) 676-4179 today about your insurance bad faith claim.

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