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Pre-suit Claims Handling Lawyer in Florida

Pre-suite claims handling

The Louis Law Group Provides Excellent Pre-suit Claims Handling Service in Florida

What is a Pre-Suit Claim?

A pre-suit claim can be defined as an activity that happens regarding an insurance claim before a lawsuit is filed. It’s no news that insurance providers often deny claims filed by policyholders for damages. There are numerous reasons why your insurance provider can deny your claim, and these may be known or unknown to you. As a policyholder, you can decide to spend a certain amount of time on a pre-suit claim, in the hopes that you can reach a fair settlement with your insurance provider.

A pre-suit claim occurs before you take your insurance company to court. It is the stage where you strive to reach an amicable agreement with the insurance provider. Pre-suit can be an effective way to resolve claim issues with your insurance company, and it’s what we do best at the Louis Law Group. Our professional attorneys can handle your pre-suit claim to see if an agreement can be reached with your insurance provider.

Seek Our  Help for Insurance Pre-suit Claims

The Louis Law Group is home to competent lawyers dedicated to helping policyholders fight insurance companies for their rights. We understand how annoying it can be to experience an insurance claim denial, especially when you urgently need to renovate your home. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced attorneys will handle your pre-suit claims to reach an effective and satisfactory compensation agreement with your insurance provider. We’ll do everything it takes to help you ensure your rights during this stage of a conflict.

In the pre-suit claims process, our lawyers will thoroughly review your filed claim to see whether aligns with your insurance policy. We’ll also prepare to sue your insurer if the negotiations don’t go well.

The Louis Law Group’s pre-suit claims process includes:

1) Investigation

Our attorneys will investigate your damage claims. During this process, we’ll gather all the necessary facts and documents regarding the damages. We’ll also inspect your damaged home as part of our investigation.

2) Review of Claims

After investigating your losses, our lawyers will review your insurance claim. It will be evaluated against your insurance policy to figure out whether your insurance policy covers the claims.

3) Settlement Negotiation

Upon reviewing your home damages and insurance claims, we’ll get in touch with your insurance provider to discuss the details of your claim. Settlement negotiations will also be concluded with your insurer.

Contact Us for Pre-suit Claims Handling

The Louis Law Group has successfully handled pre-suit claims for several clients in Florida. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the pre-suit claim process, so you can count on us to help you reach a compensation agreement with your insurance provider.

If you are in Florida, contact us today, call (954) 676-4179 about your pre-suit claims handling.

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