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Consequences Of Failing To Maintain Your Property

Consequences Of Failing To Maintain Your Property

No matter the age, your property will need to be properly cared for and maintained. Addressing a potential issue before it becomes a major problem is one of the responsibilities connected to property ownership. Failing to do so could not only increase the likelihood that you will have expensive repairs, but it may also prevent you from getting property insurance claims approved and could expose you to premises liability claims. In fact, failure to maintain is one of the more common reasons property insurance companies will use when denying an otherwise valid insurance claim.

Common Examples Of Failure To Maintain

If someone suffers an injury while on your property, then you may be held responsible. There are a few common things on your property that, if they are not maintained, may expose you to a premises liability lawsuit or result in a denial of an insurance claim. A few examples are:

Broken Or Uneven Stairs – Whether concrete or wood, stairs will eventually fall into disrepair. Uneven, cracked, or rotted stairs cause people to trip, stumble, and fall. If this happens and there are injuries, then you may be held liable.

Rusted Fences And Gates – As with stairs, fences and gates do not last forever. Rust and rot will eventually eat away at the stability and safety of these barriers. Not only can they fail to prevent animals and wandering children from entering your property, but they may also fall on or cut invited guests. Injuries caused by a neglected fence or gate can expose you to liability.

Snow And Ice Removal – Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common premises liability claims. Each year millions of dollars are paid to individuals injured because of a fall caused by slippery conditions. What you may not know is that you may be responsible for clearing your driveway or adjacent walkways of snow, ice, and other slippery substances. If you fail to do so and someone is injured as a result, then you may be held liable.

Leaky Pipes – More common in older properties, the plumbing system can cause serious issues if not properly maintained. Pipes that have become rusted or otherwise fail can cause water damage and even flooding. Simply patching up a leaky pipe when the situation calls for a complete repair may cause your insurance claim to be denied.

Leaky Roof – Roofs are notorious for needing to be inspected and maintained. Many roofs come with warranties that can last over 30 years. But even the most durable roofs will need to be cared for. Failing to maintain your roof can lead to water damage and even a total collapse. Your insurer may not approve a claim for damages caused by a roof that should’ve been repaired or replaced.

Consequences Of Failing To Maintain Your Property

Learning that your property has suffered damage or that someone has become injured while on your property is certainly not something you will look forward to. But what can make matters worse is being told by your insurer that the claim you submitted is denied due to a failure to maintain. This can cause you to pay out of pocket for thousands of dollars for repairs or result in you being responsible for paying for the costs associated with defending against a premises liability claim.

But just as important, failing to maintain your property can cause additional headaches that could’ve been prevented through routine maintenance. Failing to address an issue initially could cause structural damage that may never be fully corrected. This can affect the value of your property and possibly result in fines and fees from your local town or municipality.

Reviewing your insurance policy may be helpful to determine what your insurer expects in terms of maintaining your property. Consulting with your insurance agent may also give you some direction on how to best care for your property and avoid being in a position of having your claim denied due to a failure to maintain.

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