Florida Wind and Storm Insurance: Are You Protected?

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Florida is no stranger to severe weather. From hurricanes to tornadoes and just about everything in between, if you live in Florida, your home is always a potential victim of wind and storm damage.

Understanding Florida Wind and Storm Insurance

Your home is probably your most important investment. It’s not only is where your heart is, but your money as well. Knowing what your homeowners insurance will and won’t cover if damage occurs is critical.

First, storms bring with them a couple of big problems: wind, and water. While wind is typically covered on your homeowner’s policy, flooding is not. You need a separate policy to cover it. And if you live in a hurricane-prone area, for example, your policy may exclude wind as well.

Your insurance professional should have explained this to you when you took out your policy. If you aren’t sure about the details, you can always read your Florida homeowner’s declaration page. This is where your deductibles are – and if wind and hail are covered, there will be a dollar amount shown. If not, you will see them excluded.

Your deductible is the amount you will pay to repair the damage. If your policy shows anything is excluded, you will pay the full amount to repair the loss. Wind damage can be costly, especially if you have to replace the whole roof or fence. The good news is that if your insurance carrier excludes wind coverage from your homeowner’s policy, you can purchase a separate policy to cover wind.

How to File a Wind or Storm Claim

Your homeowner’s policy is a contract that comes with rules and procedures that both your insurer and you must follow. The Insurance Information Institute recommends you do the following:

Read your policy to see exactly what your responsibilities are. It’s wise to follow these steps to get started with a claim:

  • Report any crimes to the police.
  • Phone your insurance professional immediately.
  • Promptly fill out claim forms.
  • Have the insurance adjuster inspect the damage.
  • Prepare for the insurance adjuster’s visit.
  • Make temporary repairs.
  • Prepare a list of lost or damaged articles.
  • If you need to relocate, keep your receipts.
  • Don’t be shy about asking questions.

Once you and your insurance company agree on the terms of your settlement, state laws require that your payment be sent to you promptly. However, some Florida insurance companies may not act in your best interest when evaluating your loss. Instead, they might minimize or deny your claim. That’s why you need an attorney by your side. Louis Law Group can assist property owners with new claims, underpaid claims, and denied coverage claims.

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