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How To Protect Your Property From Being Burglarized

How To Protect Your Property From Being Burglarized - Louis Law Group
How To Protect Your Property From Being Burglarized – Louis Law Group

Few things cause more shock and alarm than your property being burglarized. Knowing that your home or business is safe is something that most of us simply take for granted. If your property has been burglarized in the past, then you are all too familiar with the nightmare of trying to put together the pieces of a potentially broken home. Fortunately, there are some useful things that you can do to protect your property from burglars and to regain the sense of safety that you once had. Here are some tips on how to protect your property from being burglarized, and how taking the right steps may aid in any future property insurance claims that you make.

Home Security System

With the emergence of internet-based web cameras, setting up a home security system has become easier than ever. Companies like Ring, Blink and even Google offer security cameras that you can set up inside or outside of your home. The way that these cameras work is by connecting to your property’s Wi-Fi network. They can be programmed to record continuously or when they detect motion. The footage is then stored either on a hard drive or in the cloud. Also, you can set up the cameras to send alerts to your phone or email when motion is detected or at a designated time of the day. These camera systems are relatively affordable and can be installed by most tech-savvy consumers.

Companies such as ADT offer more traditional home security systems which provide you with an added layer of protection. These security systems are professionally installed and can be programmed to alert the authorities if a disturbance is detected at your property. Typically, these services require a monthly service fee in addition to upfront installation costs. What these security companies provide that a standalone camera system does not is trained professionals monitoring your system to ensure that it is working properly. This can provide you with a sense of safety in knowing that there is someone who you can call in the event of a disturbance.


Studies have shown that areas which are adequately lit experience less crime than areas that have little or no lighting. Criminals look to exploit areas where visibility is low, increasing the chance that they will go undetected. Simply adding bright, well-placed lights to your property exterior can do wonders in deterring criminals. These lights can also be programmed to only turn on when motion is detected. It is recommended that lights be installed near your front and back doors along with any other areas that may be vulnerable to a break-in.

Reinforced Doors And Window Locks

Many homes are broken into simply by a burglar kicking in a door or jimmying open a window. Cheap doors and locks are usually made out of fragile, inferior components that make them vulnerable to the force of a potential burglar. Solid wood or metal doors provide an extra layer of protection as they are more rigid and sturdier than composite doors. Adding deadbolts with a bolt length of at least one inch will make your reinforced door that much more difficult to compromise.

You can also prevent burglars from coming in through the windows by installing window stops on your double-hung windows. These mechanisms can prevent intruders from sliding your window open to gain entrance. Window stops also let you keep your window slightly up for ventilation.

Purchase A Safe

Many people have expensive or sentimental valuables in their homes or businesses. A fire-proof safe that is bolted to the floor can serve to protect your valuables from theft or loss. Be sure to memorize your code or store that information in a place that cannot be discovered by intruders. Also, maintaining a list of valuables that you will keep inside the safe can be helpful in the event that you need to make a claim.

Stay In Contact With Your Neighbors

Your neighbors may serve as one of your best resources to alerting you to potential criminal activity. If you intend on being away from your property for any substantial period of time, it may be wise to let your neighbors know so that they can keep an eye out for suspicious characters. If your area has a neighborhood watch, it may be beneficial to make yourself known to the group and to stay up to date on any ongoing developments in the area.

Keep Evidence Of Valuables Out Of Sight

Criminals who are casing a property to burglarize take notice of things which suggest that valuables are inside of the property, so don’t leave your tools, bikes and other items outside. Keep them locked up or inside of your property when you are not using them. It is also a good idea to use blinds or other window treatments to make sure that nothing in the interior of your property can be seen from the outside. Similarly, put away high-value items when you are not using them. If you have recently purchased expensive electronics or other items with large packaging, then wait until trash pickup time to place the boxes outside as criminals have been known to target properties based on their garbage.

Property Claims Attorney

If your home or business has fallen victim to a recent break in, then your property insurance carrier may cover your losses. Unfortunately, the peace of mind and security that the criminals have taken won’t be covered under any insurance policy. Still, the attorneys at The Louis Law Group are here to guide you through the claims process while also making sure that you are aware of any safeguards that you can put into place to protect your property from future break ins. For a free no-obligation consultation, call (954) 676-4179 or contact us online today.

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