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Tornados And Property Insurance

Tornados And Property Insurance

The sheer power and devastation of a tornado can elicit feelings of fright and awe. While tornadoes affect certain areas of the country more than others, the Insurance Information Institute reports roughly 1,000 seen each year. Wind and hail damage is often covered by property insurance, but if you are in what is known as a tornado alley, then you may need additional coverage. Similarly, high wind damage may also not be covered by a standard property insurance policy. Before disaster strikes, it is recommended that you educate yourself on tornado insurance and what it covers.

Does Property Insurance Cover Tornado Damage?

Tornado season typically runs from April through June. During that time, there is an increased chance of high winds that can reach speeds of 300 mph. The middle portion of the U.S. typically receives the most dangerous and frequent tornadoes. As a result, states like Oklahoma and Texas receive a fair number of them.

Still, tornadoes can strike in just about any area of the country, but if you are in a tornado alley, then you may need to purchase additional insurance coverage. Even some standard property insurance policies specifically exclude wind damage. You will need to carefully review your policy to determine what is covered and for what you may need to purchase additional coverage.

Tornado Damage And Flooding

Sometimes tornadoes are accompanied by heavy rainfall. When this happens, your property may be at risk of flooding. It is important to recognize that many property insurance policies do not cover damage caused by flooding. Still, you may be able to purchase flood insurance through your insurer or the National Flood Insurance Program. However, rainwater that gets into your home caused by wind damage to your roof may be covered under your standard property insurance policy.

Flying Debris Caused By A Tornado

One of the more devastating aspects of a tornado is the flying debris that can crash into your home or vehicle. The high tornado winds can also be strong enough to knock over a tree or cause its branches to break off and fly through the air. If this happens and your property is damaged, then your property insurance will likely cover the damages. But if the tree that fell should have been removed prior to the tornado knocking it over, then your property insurance likely will not pay for the damage that it caused. Trees that are leaning over or rotting should always be removed before they cause damage to your property or the property of others.

If your car is damaged by debris from a tornado while it was parked on your property, then your property insurance may provide coverage. Still, you will have to look over your policy documents to determine which coverages that you have. You may also be able to get the damage covered through your car insurance policy. However, many car owners only purchase liability coverage. So, unless you have a full or comprehensive car insurance policy, then car insurance may only cover damage that you cause to another vehicle.

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