Water Damage Claims, Are You Covered?

Imagine walking into your home after a weekend away, and stepping into an ankle-deep water. It sounds like a nightmare. Water can cause significant damage to your home, especially the longer it sits. Standing water coupled with Florida’s climate, and you will have the perfect recipe for mold, which can be extremely costly to remediate and not covered by your homeowner policy.

Common Causes of Water Damage

According to the office of the Florida Insurance Regulation, your policy generally does not cover damage from water coming into the home from the ground. However, it may cover water damage that enters the house from another source, such as a leaking roof or a burst pipe.

Groundwater coming into a home is called flooding, and it is not covered by an average homeowner’s policy. You must buy a separate flood policy to cover this peril.

Some common water damage scenarios that are covered by your Florida homeowner’s policy may include:

Rain or snow– Florida may not have its share of snowstorms, but wind-driven rain is no stranger to the state. Wind that lifts shingles allows water to seep in, and it can cause significant damage to your property.

Plumbing– In your policy, it is written as “accidental discharge” or “overflow of water or steam,” but water damage that’s caused by sudden bursts or blockages in your plumbing system. Fire sprinkler systems, water heaters, air conditioners, outdoor sprinklers, and other circulatory piping throughout your home may also be covered.

Water discharge from appliances like your washing machine or dishwasher water discharge may also be covered.

Fire Extinguishment– If you have sprinklers in your home that are set off or the fire department has to put out a partial fire, the water damage would be covered under your policy.

Vandalism– If a stranger enters your home and leaves the water running, or intentionally destroys your plumbing, that would be covered as a “malicious activity” peril in your policy.

Take note that water damage because of neglect or gradual deterioration isn’t covered, even if it originated inside the house.

Ways to Protect Yourself from Water Damage

According to Homeadvisor, on average, you can expect to spend between $1,127 and $4,418 to restore or repair water damage, with an average of $2,669. Finding a licensed water damage repair contractor to help you discover the cause and scope of the damage will really help with the final costs.

While you can’t prevent every threat your home faces, you can be prepared for it.

  • Perform regular maintenance; including cleaning and checking gutters. You also want to look for areas around your home that may hold water near the foundation.
  • Book a regular plumbing inspection; this will be an inspection of your plumbing, including pipes, fixtures, appliances, and drains. A plumber can find and fix small problems before they become major ones.

Not Sure What to Do Next?

If you find yourself at a standstill with the insurance company on your claim, contact one of our expert insurance litigators at Louis Law Firm. Having a knowledgeable water damage lawyer on your side is really critical to getting your claim paid.  Please contact our office for a no-cost consultation, call (954) 676-4179. We will listen to the details of your case and also help you decide your next steps.

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