What Are Your Options if Your Claim is Denied?

Denied Insurance Claims Lawyer in Florida

When you buy homeowner’s insurance, you probably buy it in the hope that you’ll never have to use it. Or, if you do use it, it will cover the cost of the damages. But what happens when your homeowner’s claim is denied? Before taking action, you first must understand why your claim was denied.

Why Your Florida Homeowners Claim May Be Denied

There are several reasons why your claim may not be covered. Some of them are easily avoidable and, well, some are not. One of the most significant and most confusing reason is that your policy doesn’t cover the damage. Your homeowner’s insurance isn’t meant to cover every issue that could crop in your home. A standard Florida homeowner’s policy typically covers damage from fire, lightning, and wind. You may be able to add optional coverages for mold and water backups.

It’s important to understand that your policy will never cover things like neglect or normal wear and tear. If you file a claim and the claims adjuster determines that the cause is from either of those, coverage will not be extended, and you will have to pay for the damage out of pocket.

An example would be an old rusty pipe, or an old and leaky roof. Those are items you are expected to maintain.

But if you have done your part to maintain your home, pay your policy premiums, and you feel the damage is covered by your policy, you should contact an insurance lawyer at Louis Law Group.

How a Denied Claims Lawyer Can Help You

Insurance coverage disputes happen when an insurance company or provider denies a claim filed by a policyholder. The most common reason for the denial is that the policy does not cover the issue filed in the claim.

Often the issue arises due to a disparity between the insurance provider and the policyholder regarding the insurance policy. Florida insurance coverage dispute law is complicated, which is why you need the help of a professional law firm to help you settle your case. Having a legal specialist on your side will help you make the right choice about reopening your denied claim.

The skilled lawyers at Louis Law Group are dedicated to offering excellent support for denied claims. We understand the annoyance that comes with opening a coverage dispute, and we know how important it is to you that your case is settled as quickly as possible. You and your case are our priorities. You can trust Louis Law Group to provide an appropriate solution to your problem.

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