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Why a Roof Damage Claim can be Denied

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You have homeowner’s insurance so that in the event of a disaster, you’ll be covered. In certain circumstances, your roof may get damaged, and you’ll need insurance money to relieve the financial stress associated with repairing the harm. For many homeowners, having to submit an insurance claim for roof damage is stressful – and the fact that the insurer may deny the claim and leave you on the hook for expensive repairs for roof replacement makes stress worse. You do have the right to dispute, but it does involve filing one, which further multiplies the worry.

Insurance claims for roof damage aren’t simple.

Once you file the claim, a few people will be involved in the claim approval process. One of these is the insurance adjuster, the individual who helps make the decisions and will eventually get you the check. The others are the contractors who will inspect and fix or replace your roof.

It’s wise to carefully read your policy before calling your insurance company. If you think your roof damage should be covered, ask a reputable contractor to inspect your roof and provide an accurate estimate. If their assessment is higher than your deductible, filing a claim is your best option. However, an adjuster will still need to assess the damage.

After the adjuster does this, you’ll get a summary of damages and notice of whether your claim was approved or denied. If it’s approved, you’ll get a check for half of the repaiur costs, and the remainder after the repairs are complete. You’ll need to prove that the money was spent on roof repairs.

Insurance companies will work hard not to pay you.

They are, after all, a for-profit business. But there may be times when your roof damage didn’t meet the criteria as set out in your home insurance policy. Most policies have strict coverage terms and exclusion clauses. Again, read your policy carefully to find out what they are.

An exclusion refers to a type of damage that won’t be covered. Your policy won’t cover basic maintenance. If damage has occurred over time, the insurance will view it as normal wear and tear, and decline coverage. If your roof is either at or has passed its lifespan and is damaged, your insurance company may look for ways to underpay or deny your claim.

Roof damage can lead to costly repairs or a replacement. Your roof is vital for the structural integrity of your home and your family’s well-being. The stress of making a claim, along with the uncertainty during claims process itself, can be stressful and challenging. Seeing your claim denied over something petty can be frustrating. If you feel your claim was unjustly denied or underpaid, contact Louis Law Group at (954) 676-4179 for a free no-obligation consultation or case evaluation. We will work with you to get you the settlement you’re owed.

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