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Wind Damage, Here's What You Should Know Before Filing a Claim

Wind Damage, Here's What You Should Know Before Filing a Claim
Wind Damage, Here’s What You Should Know Before Filing a Claim

Living in Florida means a lot of weather changes. While hurricanes happen, the wind from them causes significant damage to your home and property. Wind can damage your roof, siding, and windows, which can lead to other damage. Many homeowner’s insurance companies cover wind damage. However, you must understand your policy so your claim process runs smoother.

Understanding Your Wind Damage Coverage

One of the first things to consider is if the wind is covered under your policy. During the investigation, the claim’s adjuster will check to ensure that the damage is covered under your policy and whether or not it was there before or after it. Each carrier has its own rules on what is covered and what isn’t. Therefore, it’s essential to know what your policy covers when starting the claim process.

Covered Perils

Do you know if your homeowner’s policy is an All Risk Policy? Yours may be called Open Peril or Names Peril instead and will limit the coverage you get. Perils are a cause of loss like wind, fire, or hurricanes.


Knowing if your policy is a replacement cash value or actual cash value will make it easier to understand what to expect for a payout. Replacement cost is when you’ll get the full amount for repairs, minus the deductible without factoring in the depreciation. Actual cash value subtracts the depreciation and deductible before making a payout. These must be understood, so there are no surprises regarding your settlement from your claim.


Do you know what you’ll pay for your insurance deductible? This is how much you’ll pay out-of-pocket for any repairs. Most insurance companies want to see that you paid this before sending the rest of the payment.


Does your policy have exclusions? Some items may exclude certain types of damage from the wind. That means if any of these happen, you’ll be left with no coverage.

Wind Damage, Now what?

Wind damage can lead to a host of other problems like mold and mildew. These can then lead to health problems as well. It’s essential that if you suffer wind damage, you take the measures needed to prevent more damage from occurring. At Louis Law Group, we are a team of experienced litigators specializing in wind damage insurance claims. We can help you every step in the process when it comes to your claim. You aren’t alone in your struggle, and we work hard to ensure your peace of mind with the claim process.

As the most trusted wind damage lawyer, we will help you navigate the entire claim process. We’ll also ensure that you can get back to normal so you can live your life. If you’ve filed a claim and it’s been denied, or your insurance company is limiting your coverage, give us a call immediately. Call (954) 676-4179 or use contact form here. We’ll be happy to discuss the situation and guide you on the next steps available.

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