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A Tallahassee property damage attorney is what you need to have when you file a home or property damage insurance claim with your insurance company. You cannot take the risk of representing yourself in the claim because your insurance company will look for every opportunity to take advantage of you. Then you could potentially lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the claim.

The Tallahassee property damage attorneys of the Louis Law Group have enough skill and expertise to ensure that your insurance company does not take advantage of you. Our legal team will investigate the property damage and negotiate with your insurance company every step of the way. Once they know that we’re on your side, they won’t even dear to take advantage of you.

Louis Law Group has served residential and commercial property owners in Tallahassee for several years. We’ve handled numerous property damage cases that are typically experienced by Florida property owners. These cases include hurricane damage, water damage, mold damage, roof damage, and fire damage.

Whether you’ve already filed a claim or are about to file a claim, contact us immediately for assistance before the case moves any further.

High-Rated Hurricane Damage Attorney in Tallahassee, FL

Wouldn’t it be nice to have legal representation from a highly rated hurricane damage attorney in Tallahassee? If your local property has suffered hurricane damage, then you can benefit from our professional and renowned legal services. Our hurricane damage attorneys specialize in assisting clients who need to file hurricane damage claims with their insurance companies. We have an unmatched rate of success at negotiating settlements and winning compensation that matches the value of the hurricane damage.

Insurance companies never like to pay fair value for hurricane damage because it is generally worth a lot of money. That is why policyholders without legal representation have so much trouble getting their desired claim amounts approved. You don’t have to put yourself in this situation, though. With us on your side, we’ll fight hard to ensure that your desired claim amount gets approved. 

Why You Need a Mold Damage Attorney in Tallahassee, FL

The subtropical climate of Florida is already humid and moist. These are the prime conditions for mold to grow and spread on the organic materials of your building. So, if you have rain leaking through your roof or something else that has caused water to enter your home, then it won’t take long for mold to spread throughout your walls and ceilings. If the mold is not removed quickly, then the damage could be irreversible.

You’ll need a mold damage attorney in Tallahassee if your property has suffered extensive mold damage. Your insurance company may hold back compensation for your claim if they feel you didn’t do enough to reduce the mold initially. For this reason, you’ll want to have our mold damage attorneys deal with your insurance company and make a case for why you deserve the most compensation possible.

Educated Water Damage Attorney in Tallahassee, FL

Water damage is a rather elaborate and complex area of insurance. There are several reasons why water could damage your property, such as flooding, roof leakage, pipes leaking, broken washing machine, and so on. Most of these problems are unpreventable or unforeseen, but that won’t stop your insurance company from trying to say they were preventable.

Don’t take a chance when it comes to water damage claims. Since water damage can cause substantial damage to your property, you need adequate legal representation to ensure that your claim is approved and that the most compensation possible is rewarded to you.

Our Tallahassee water damage attorneys have handled all types of water damage claims, whether they were pipe leaks or roof leaks. We’ll have your back all the way during your water damage claim.

Skilled Roof Damage Attorneys in Tallahassee, FL

Roof damage can happen at any moment. You never know when a tree branch or flying debris might damage your roof. Sometimes it can simply get damaged from old age and deterioration. Most people don’t realize they have roof damage until they notice water leaking down from their ceiling. By then, it might be difficult to deal with your insurance company after you file a claim.

Our skilled roof damage attorneys know how to persuade insurance companies to settle for a fair amount on a roof damage claim. We’ll investigate the cause of your roof damage and present a compelling case to your insurance company as to why you deserve maximum compensation for it.

Successful Fire Damage Attorneys in Tallahassee, FL

We are successful fire damage attorneys in Tallahassee. Hundreds of our clients have come to us after experiencing fire damage to their properties. Their fire damage cases were related to faulty appliances, deteriorated electrical wiring, and even arson and vandalism.

As long as you are not directly responsible for the fire damage to your property, then your insurance company is required to compensate you for the damage. Let our fire damage attorneys make sure they do this so that you don’t get less than a satisfactory settlement amount.

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The Louis Law Group offers free consultations to all property owners in Tallahassee, Florida. Our property damage attorneys can assist you whether you have filed your insurance claim already or not.

If your business property or residential property has suffered damage, call us at (954) 676-4179 as soon as possible. We can give you free information about our services and advise you on the best course of action to take. You can also click here to learn more information as well.

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