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homeowner’s insurance policy ensures that you are protected if an unforeseen event leads to the damage or loss of your home or any items in it. After a water leak, hurricane, theft or fire, for example, you can file a claim with your insurance company and get fair compensation for any covered property.

Sadly, getting paid is not always as easy as it seems. Insurance companies have a track record of either trying to deny, suppress, or undervalue claims. Typically they will refer to unclear clauses in your policy or insist that the damage isn’t covered under your policy.

Fortunately, Louis Law Group employs experienced legal professionals with an impeccable track record of helping homeowners stand their ground against notorious insurance companies and helping them get their rightful compensation. Our Tamarac Property claim lawyers will thoroughly investigate your case, establish the facts, then file a compelling claim and negotiate on your behalf to help you recover your complete and fair compensation. There are no hidden charges attached to our service, and we will never demand an upfront fee before we take on your case. You can contact us at any time for a free case evaluation.

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Our Experienced Lawyers Handle All Kinds of Property Claims in Tamarac, FL

At Louis Law Group, we encourage you to tell us your story. Call us today and tell us how your property or home has been affected. Depending on the kind of loss your home sustained, you may be entitled to compensation. Some common kinds of property claim we handle include:

Hurricane Damage

After a hurricane damages or destroys your property or home, you naturally expect that your insurance company will compensate you for the covered losses. However, disagreements between the insurer and the homeowner are frequent at this stage.  The insurance company may downplay the loss by indicating that it isn’t as serious as you claim, which can leave you with monetary compensation that barely covers the losses you incurred. In situations like this, a property claim lawyer in Tamarac, FL, will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to help you get your full and rightful compensation for any damages suffered.

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Fire Damage

In most cases, your insurance company is liable to compensate you for any fire-related loss to your home. Nevertheless, your insurance provider may offer up flimsy excuses to avoid paying you. For instance, most insurance policies now include a fire exclusion clause. If you find yourself in disagreement with your insurance company over a similar issue, we’d be more than happy to step in on your behalf.

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Water Damage

If your home has suffered damage caused by water – for example, from a leaky or burst pipe – your insurance company may cite an exclusion in your policy in a bid to deny your claim. As mentioned before, insurers use this common exclusion clause to subjugate your legal and policy rights.

Other Damages

Regardless of the kind of damage you’ve suffered, you can always contact our Tamarac property claim lawyers to help you get rightful and fair compensation for loss or damage arising from factors such as vandalism and theft .

Contact a Tamarac Property Claim Lawyer at Louis Law Group

Contact our office, call (954) 676-4179  for a free case evaluationRemember that there is a time frame in the state of Florida within which a hurricane claim must be filed. The statute of limitations indicates that you must act within this limited period. Let us help you navigate the complex legal process and stand up for your rights!

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