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Property Damage Insurance Attorney in Tampa

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A Tampa property damage attorney is a vital asset to have if your commercial property or home has been damaged. Tampa property damage claim attorneys, such as the ones at Louis Law Group, have the knowledge and expertise to obtain a full settlement for your property damage claim on your behalf. 

The Louis Law Group can help any property owner in Tampa who has experienced roof damage, mold damage, fire damage, water damage, or hurricane damage. It is best to contact us before you file your insurance claim so that we can be there with you from the beginning.

If you have already filed your insurance claim, that is okay too. We can come in and negotiate with your insurance company for you if they do not agree on a fair settlement. You can contact our office for a free consultation at (954) 676-4179 to learn more about our comprehensive legal services in the insurance field.

Why You Need a Hurricane Damage Attorney in Tampa, FL

You should never file a hurricane damage insurance claim in Tampa, Florida, without the assistance of a professional hurricane damage attorney. Insurance companies always look for ways to undervalue hurricane damage claims because they could be valued at tens of thousands of dollars or more. That could significantly eat into the profit margins of those companies.

Louis Law Group will make sure your insurance company puts your financial needs ahead of their own. After your hurricane damage claim is filed, we’ll continue to work with your insurer until they agree on a settlement that covers the full cost of the repairs needed for your hurricane-damaged property.

Professional Mold Damage Attorney in Tampa, FL

Do you need a professional mold damage attorney in Tampa, Florida? If you notice significant amounts of mold growth on the walls, ceiling, and other areas of your property, then you should hire an attorney before filing your mold damage claim. Insurance companies are strict about mold damage claims because there could be a plethora of preexisting conditions that caused mold to form on your property.

Our mold damage attorneys can prove your case and show your insurance company why you deserve full compensation for your mold damage claim. If there was unforeseen water damage or roof leakage that caused your mold damage, then we can use evidence of that to fight for a fair settlement on your claim. Whatever the reason for your mold damage, we’ll work hard to get you compensation for it.

The Importance of Water Damage Attorney in Tampa, FL

It is very important to have a water damage attorney in your corner whenever your Tampa property has suffered water damage. Even the smallest leak can cause a significant amount of damage to your flooring, walls, ceiling, and foundation. Your insurance company might not want to pay you the full value of the claim if they believe the water damage could have been prevented.

When you hire the professional water damage attorneys of Louis Law Group, we’ll prove the full value of the claim to your insurance company. We’ll collect evidence and determine the best way to convince your insurance company to approve your water damage claim and pay what is rightfully owed to you.

Get a Skilled Roof Damage Attorneys in Tampa, FL

Insurance companies don’t like to approve roof damage claims, especially if the duration of the damage is questionable. Lots of property owners do not perform maintenance on their roofs, which ends up causing gradual damage to them. This kind of roof damage makes it more difficult to get your claim approved.

You should never take chances when it comes to roof damage because it could lead to water damage if you don’t repair it fast enough. No matter what type of roof damage you have discovered, it is in your best interest to hire the skilled roof damage attorneys of Louis Law Group. We’ll present a strong and accurate defense of your existing roof damage so that you can receive 100% compensation for its value.

Experienced Fire Damage Attorneys in Tampa, FL

The experienced fire damage attorneys of Louis Law Group have represented countless clients in their fire damage claims cases. Fire damage could be the result of an electrical malfunction, cooking appliance neglect, arson, faulty heating equipment, and the list goes on.

Your insurance company will want to see that your fire damage couldn’t have been prevented. If they think you did something to provoke the start of the fire, they might very well deny your insurance claim or pay you less than it is worth. You cannot afford to let this happen because fire damage could result in thousands of dollars in repair costs.

For this reason, it is imperative that you hire our fire damage attorneys as soon as possible. Once the fire has been extinguished, the fire marshal will conduct an investigation and write up a report on the incident. We’ll use that report as evidence to support your fire damage claim and fight for the most compensation possible for you.

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