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If you have homeowner’s insurance and pay a premium for it to protect your property, you expect your insurance company to compensate you for any damage to your home. This is stated in the Homeowner Claim Bill of Rights. However, many homeowners discover that insurance companies are not always transparent when it comes to paying compensation for claims.

At Louis Law Group, our team of professional property claim lawyers located in Vero Beach, FL, can help you receive your rightful compensation from your insurer for any damage to your property. Get in touch with us before you contact your insurance company.

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Property Damage Events in Vero Beach

Thefts, natural disasters, and vandalism are some of the many ways your property can suffer damage in Vero Beach, and for these causes you would typically expect your insurance company to cover the loss. However, insurance companies aren’t as forthcoming as you might think. In some cases, they may undervalue your loss, claim that the specific damage is excluded from your policy, claim that you need a special flood coverage for any water-related damages, or even refuse to acknowledge your claim.

Fire Damage

Fires can cause significant damage to your home. However, your insurance company might claim that the fire was started intentionally, was caused by reckless behavior, or that your house was unoccupied for several days before the fire incident. This move by your insurance company would effectively render your policy coverage null and void.

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Water Damage

Your insurance company should normally cover any water-related damage caused to your home by a burst or leaking pipe. But they may try to avoid doing so. For example, most insurance companies will claim that they cover damage when a pipe suddenly ruptures, but not for a pipe that has a history of leaks and cracks.

We Can Assist You with Any Kind of Covered Loss

Louis Law Group takes pride in having some of the most reputable and experienced property claims lawyers in Vero Beach, FL. They will ensure that your insurer adequately compensates you for any damage arising from vandalism, storm, fire, and theft.

Discover How A Property Claim Lawyer in Vero Beach Can Help You Today

Regardless of the kind or nature of damage sustained by your property in Vero Beach, you can speak to a property claim lawyer at Louis Law Group for quick and professional assistance. We can help you receive fair compensation for any losses you’ve incurred. To book a free case evaluation, contact us today at (954) 676-4179.

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