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If your West Palm Beach residence has suffered damage, your insurance company must take up the claim and settle any covered losses. However, this is not always the case. Your insurer may unjustly reject your claim, disregard or underpay you for your loss, or delay the processing of your claim.

property damage claim lawyer based in West Palm Beach, FL representing Louis Law Group can help ensure that your insurance company properly settles your claim. We will stop at nothing until you get the best possible settlement for any covered loss or damage.

For a free legal consultation with a property claim lawyer serving West Palm Beach, call (561) 337-4411.

Types of West Palm Beach Property Claims That Our Lawyers Can Help You With

While our claim lawyers can help you settle almost any kind of claim in West Palm Beach, Louis Law Group commonly handles the claims related to damages from:

Based on the policy type, homeowners’ insurance commonly covers damages and losses caused by an unavoidable accident or uncontrollable natural disaster, also referred to as an “Act of God.” However, flooding caused by accumulated precipitation or a storm surge is usually not covered by most standard policies. However, with supplemental flood insurance, you may file for a claim from your insurer if you incur flood-inflicted damage.

Homeowners typically consult our property claim lawyers at West Palm Beach for help before filing their initial claim so we can help them fast-track the process and ensure they get a fair settlement for any covered damages or losses.

It’s not uncommon for us to encounter clients who find themselves at loggerheads with their insurer as they try to obtain a fair settlement. Sometimes, insurance companies may act unprofessionally and undervalue a claim or avoid paying at all. Typical instances include:

  • Abruptly denying a claim without sufficient reason
  • Denying the coverage of the claim in your policy
  • Denying that you have active coverage
  • Dissuading you from hiring a lawyer
  • Undervaluing any incurred damages or losses
  • Unexplainably refusing to promptly process your claim
  • Making misleading or false statements
  • Discouraging you from hiring a lawyer

Louis Law Group’s legal team are professionals. They won’t be intimidated or cowed by insurance companies, and will keep fighting for you until your claim is settled. We will help you get compensated for all covered damages, and ensure that you’re paid as soon as possible.

Contact one of our West Palm Beach property claim lawyers at (561) 337-4411.

West Palm Beach Property Claim Lawyer at Louis Law Group Can Help

The expert property lawyers at Louis Law Group will ensure that you completely recover all the compensation your owed for your policy’s covered damages and losses.

We offer compassionate representation and will work with you every step of the way, clear your doubts and provide regular information and updates.

Our services include:

  • Coordinating and overseeing every aspect of your case
  • Documenting and investigating your losses or damages
  • Documenting and establishing the cost of any incurred losses
  • Filing and submitting your demands and claim to the insurer
  • Negotiating and processing a fair and complete settlement on your behalf.

We will ensure that your legal rights are known to you and protected at all times by all concerned parties. In some cases, the insurer may demand that you sign a liability waiver or make a recorded statement. These techniques are sometimes deployed by insurance companies to limit/cancel your right to a settlement. Therefore, never agree to write a statement, accept any offer, or sign any document without the guidance and expertise of a property claim lawyer.

When it comes to filing a claim or seeking legal redress against your insurer, every second counts. Reach out to our office now to maintain your right to full compensation for your property damage claim.

Estimating the Value of Your West Palm Beach Damage Claim

Properly documenting and calculating your property damage claim can help you get fair compensation for any loss or damage to your property. To establish the value of your claim, we will send our legal team to help identify and verify the damages or losses you incurred. We will also comprehensively review your claim and help you proceed with the best possible settlement option.

Virtually every claim value is unique and will depend on the amount of covered damage or loss as stated in your policy. However, most claims typically include:

  • Damage to interior or structure of your property
  • Damage to sidewalls, porches, swimming pools, patios, etc.
  • Damage to auxiliary or detached structures such as garages, guest houses, or workshops
  • Destroyed or damaged personal items or property
  • Expenses for water extraction, mold remediation, fire cleanup, etc.
  • Expenses for any measures taken to avert further damage
  • Expenses for securing or boarding up your property
  • Expenses for items covered under the loss, but already replaced by you
  • Expenses for accommodation expenses in the event that you have to evacuate your home.

We can also help you add some commonly excluded items such as furs, jewelry, etc. to your claim.

We pledge to support your claim with all necessary documentation, including:

  • Videos or photos of your property before it was damaged
  • Videos and photos of your property/home after the damage
  • Estimated repair costs, as calculated by professional contractors
  • Receipts for any replaced or fixed items
  • Receipts from boarding-up contractors and disaster re mediators
  • Itemized lists of lost or damaged items
  • Appraisals for rare/special item losses
  • Receipts for short-term rentals, hotel stays, meals, transportation, etc.

Please contact us as soon as you can to get a comprehensive and free review of your coverage to make sure you’re in full compliance with your obligations, as stated in your policy. Failure to do this immediately or as soon as possible can result in a denied claim. 

Free Property Policy Review & Claim Consultation in West Palm Beach

At Louis Law Group, our experienced claim lawyers know the challenges and complexities of insurance law, and we won’t be threatened by any cynical antics used by any insurance company, regardless of its size or reputation. You’re entitled to the expertise of a legal advocate to help you receive every last dollar and cent that you are owed.

We’re ready and willing to discuss any legal concerns or questions you may have before we proceed. Our law team will work closely with you to help you get a swift resolution to your claim. We will never demand any upfront fee or charges. You pay us only after you receive complete and rightful compensation for all your covered damages and losses.

Contact our officecall (561) 337-4411 today for a free, no-obligation chat and thorough review of your insurance policy and claim. 

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