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Slip-and-Fall Lawyer West Palm Beach

Slip-and-Fall Lawyer West Palm Beach

Accidents happen, especially on other peoples’ property. Injuries will often result from such accidents when someone slips and falls.

When there is negligence on the part of the property owner, you may be able to claim damages if you get injured in a slip and fall accident. In order to win a case against a property owner who you deem was negligent in the maintenance of their property, you need to prove something. You need to confirm that the property owner is legally responsible for your injuries.

To find out if this is the case, you need to know two things:

  • Who all of the potentially liable parties are.
  • Whether these parties were negligent or not.

 How the Other Party Can Be Held Liable

You will have to prove two things if you want to hold another party responsible for a slip and fall accident.

  • The owner, agent, or employee of a property was aware of a hazardous condition of the property, yet, they did not remove it.
  • The owner, agent, or employee of a property caused the hazardous condition that led to a slip and fall accident, and it was foreseen that there would likely be a slip and fall as a result of the negligence.


When it comes to the first point, it must be discovered whether a reasonable person would have been able to identify the dangerous situation as such, as well as whether they had more than enough time to remove the hazardous condition.

The other party is liable when you can prove that they were negligent, where negligence means what any reasonable person would do when they realized there was a dangerous condition.

 How You Can Avoid Liability

In Florida, to avoid liability or pure comparative negligence, you need to prove that you did not have a hand in the accident. What this means is that if you are found, to any degree, to be responsible for the accident, your level of compensation will become extremely affected.

Accidents are not always black and white, which is why pure comparative negligence has been a standard in Florida since 1973. The doctrine of comparative negligence will apportion negligence between all parties involved in a slip and fall accident. If you are deemed to be 20% liable for an accident, your damages will be reduced by 20%. It is reasonable and fair for negligence to be divided up among all of the parties responsible for an accident.

Proving blame can sometimes be difficult, which is why you need as much evidence on your side as possible, as well as an experienced slip and fall injury lawyer.

 Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in a slip or fall, you may be dealt damages as a result. When you contact Louis Law Group immediately, our attorneys will be able to help handle your slip and fall claim, so that you can get the fair and just compensation you deserve for every injury you sustained. You may be entitled to more damages than you realize. Contact us today, call (954) 676-4179 to schedule a free consultation.

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