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Denied Insurance Property Claim Lawyer Florida

Have you ever requested compensation from your Florida insurance company for home damages, only to have them deny your claim? You suffered a loss, and all you want to do is get your life back, but the insurance carrier whom you thought was on your side, isn’t. We know how gut-wrenching that can be. The reasons that a homeowner’s insurance company denies a claim can vary.

Why You Need An Insurance Attorney​

Florida homeowners who have recently filed a homeowner’s insurance claim and feel the insurer should pay more than they estimated, or had their claim wrongfully denied, may seek help from a claims denial experts.

According to SelectQuote, a term life insurance company, some reasons homeowners insurers may deny a claim for the following reasons:

  • Not Enough Information
  • Taking Too Long to File
  • Late Payments
  • Threat of Fraud
  • Claim Type Not Included in Coverage
  • Loss is Close to Your Deductible
  • Perilous Claims May Not Be Covered
  • Somebody (or Something Else’s) Fault
  • Excessive Wear

At the Louis Law Group, our team of highly trained insurance coverage litigators can assess your situation and advise of your possible recourse. They can review your homeowners’ coverage, the insurance carrier’s response to your claim, and reopen your case to help you reach a favorable outcome. Very few denied insurance claims are re-evaluated, which implies that most policyholders blindly accept when their insurance company denies their claims. As an insurance litigation firm, we want to stand up on behalf of Florida property owners who wish to fight their denied claims.

Contact the Louis Law Group

The Louis Law Group is committed to helping policyholders reopen their denied claims. We strive to make sure insurance claims are processed justly. If your insurance company initially denied your claim, the Louis Law Group has you covered. We’ve worked with policyholders all over the state of Florida to reclaim their settlements successfully. Contact us today, call (954) 676-4179 for a free consultation. Our insurance claim specialists are ready to help you get the compensation you deserve to get back to living your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I do if my Florida insurance company denies my property claim?

Unfortunately, it’s possible that your claim will be denied. If your claim is wrongly denied, you can take action. It’s best to review your policy to see what coverage you were denied or didn’t ask for. You can request a dispute and mediation for your claim, which will be less expensive than legal representation. If you’re unsatisfied with the results, an attorney maybe able to help.

How can an attorney help me file a homeowner claim dispute in Florida?

If your claim is denied, an attorney can help you by reviewing your policy. They will also help determine exactly what you’re covered for and whether you’re still owed any payments from your insurance company. They will also conduct an investigation into any home inspections, audits, and other documentation on your home which might help settle your denied claim dispute. An attorney will simplify the process so you can receive the full amount available under your policy.

Why was my property insurance claim denied?

Keep in mind that insurance companies are a for-profit business and have a reputation for denying claims. If your home has been damaged, your insurance company may offer a small settlement or reject your claim outright to avoid having to pay out. To do this, many companies will categorize your home damages as beyond the scope of your policy. They’ll blame the losses on causes your policy doesn’t cover. This is not uncommon when insurance companies deny a claim. Damage to your home is expensive enough. It’s even more so if an insurance company denies your claim and refuses to cover the cost of repairs.

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