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Flood Damage Insurance Claims Lawyer in Florida

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I file a Florida homeowner’s insurance claim for hurricane damage?

Standard home insurance policies will not cover damage caused by floods. However, many homeowner policies help cover wind damage. If wind damages your roof, you may be able to make a claim to get your roof repaired. Ask your agent to see whether your policy covers wind damage. Before disaster strikes, make sure your insurance also covers flood damage. If not, you’ll need to find additional coverage from a local authorized agent or through the National Flood Insurance Program.

What does my Florida property flood insurance policy cover?

A National Flood Insurance Program policy may help you pay for repairs to your home in case it suffers flood damage. The policy may also help you pay to replace the personal property within your home, whether it’s furniture, electronics, or clothing. If you’re unsure what your National Flood Insurance Policy policy covers, check with your agent.

After an adjuster visits my property, how long will it take before my Florida claim is processed?

How quickly you get an approval for your claim depends on your insurance coverage and agency.

When an adjuster comes to your home, they will follow some general steps.

  • They will complete an estimate of your flood damage.
  • A file examiner will review the estimate for all the proper coverages.
  • Usually, a proof-of-loss document will be sent to you to sign and return. This document is the money you are requesting for your insurance claim for flood damages.
  • Upon receipt of the signed proof-of-loss document, the insurer will process your claim. Your payment will arrive later, depending on the coverage.

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