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Truck Accident Lawyer Miami

Truck Accident Lawyer Miami

Truck accidents are so common and so severe that the number of casualties is counted in the thousands. Five thousand Americans were recorded dead, and tens of thousands more injured in truck accidents in 2017. Although truck accidents are less common than car accidents, it’s important that you know what legal steps to take if you end up being a victim or related to some persons involved in a truck accident. 

If you, as an innocent victim of catastrophic truck accident, seeks legal compensation for your losses, you may end up getting blamed for it and your claim dismissed. It is basically the “I don’t care” attitude of the authorities in Florida. However, with help from a knowledgeable attorney, you can be sure of getting compensation in full. This is why Louis Law Group offers only the best attorneys to file your claims and get you the full compensation you deserve.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Countless things can lead to a truck accident. Here are the major causes of truck accidents you, as an injured party, can be compensated for:

  1. Truck Driver Fatigue

Trucker fatigue is a major cause of a truck accidents. Truckers often want to cover a very long distance in a shorter time, and in so doing they deny their bodies the rest they need.   To keep fatigued truckers off the road, Florida state authorities have drafted regulations stipulating that truckers can do no more than 11 hours of driving at a stretch and must be off-duty for the following 10 hours. 

  1. Speeding

Speeding is another major causes of truck accidents. Most truckers end up causing a accidents because they want to make up for lost time. Speeding, like trucker fatigue, has also been addressed by appropriate regulations by the government of Florida.

  1. Careless Driving

Careless driving is common among truck drivers. Nearly all truckers drive carelessly on the road because they believe they’re the one with the bigger vehicle, and they can do anything they want on the road. They fail to obey safety rules because other small vehicle drivers tend to avoid them. This activity has also been dealt with by Florida authorities. 

  1. Distraction While Driving

Most likely you will have noticed truckers don’t always drive alone. They drive in pairs. This is because one trucker may have to rest after many hours of driving, and the other will take the wheel from there. However, truckers can misuse this idea by treating driving hours as discussion time. They talk and crack jokes among themselves while driving the truck, and get distracted.

  1. Driving under the Influence

Over 10% of truckers involved in a fatal accident have been found to be under the influence of at least one drug. Truckers often consume hard drugs to stimulate their system. These stimulants are taken mostly in the form of alcohol and cigarettes.

Common Damages Associated with Truck Accidents

Below are the common injuries resulting from truck accidents:

  • Loss of life
  • Severe injuries like spinal injuries or bone fractures
  • Destruction of nearby property
  • Brain damage

Why You Need an Attorney After a Truck Accident

Pursuing compensation after a truck accident is stressful and difficult. You don’t just ask the government to be compensated for your loss, which is why an attorney is very important. An attorney will be the intermediary between you and the authorities. Truth be told, the authorities will only consider a case filed by an attorney, because they believe only an attorney has the knowledge to do so. An experienced truck accident attorney will know how to get you the legitimate compensation you deserve under the law.

If you hire an experienced Miami truck accident attorney Louis Law Group, here’s what you can expect:

Full Compensation From Your Insurance Company

The smartest move you can make when pursuing claims after a truck accident is to hire a competent attorney to stand for you. Insurance companies are fond of avoding truck accident claims. At Louis Law Group, our competent and dedicated attorney will identify the responsible parties, choose a legal strategy, and more to ensure you’re fully compensated under the law.

Compensation from All Liable Parties

In Florida, if you’re a victim of a truck accident, you can hold the liable parties responsible for your losses. The competent attorneys at Louis Law Group will make sure you get all the compensation due to you from all the responsible parties as provided under the law.

Contact an Experienced Miami Truck Accident Attorney

You’re expected to contact an attorney immediately after a truck accident. It’s the responsibility of the attorney to take up your case and fight on your behalf so you get all the compensation you’re entitled to under the law. At Louis Law Group, we’re experts in advocating for the rights of our clients, and will work with you to ensure you get fair compensation for the damages you’ve incurred.

Contact our office, call (954) 676-4179 today for a free, no-obligation chat and thorough review of your insurance policy and claim. 

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