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If your property has been affected or damaged by a fire or some other mishap, it is only normal to think that your insurer will rightfully compensate you for any covered claims. Sadly, it doesn’t always work that way.

If you suspect that your insurer has wrongfully denied or undervalued your claim, it’s wise to consider alternatives with a property damage claim lawyer based in Naples, FL. Fortunately, the competent legal team at Louis Law Group is always willing to help clients get the financial remuneration they’re entitled to for any covered loss.

We Provide Expert Legal Services

When your property claim is denied, it can be tough to accept. The professional legal attorneys at Louis Law Group will stop at nothing to help you appeal the decision by your insurer. Below are some areas where we may be of service:

There is a good chance that your policy will cover at least one of the damages highlighted above. Some instances may require that you have other policies or alternatives to cover certain losses. For a legal consultation about your policy, contact the Louis Law Group for free today at (239) 331-5313.

Demand That Your Insurer Fulfills its Obligation

Most commercial and home property owners are not experts at deciphering the ambiguous legal terms commonly used in most insurance policies. Sometimes reading the policy can leave you more bewildered than before, and at a loss as to your insurer’s obligations to you. Fortunately, as a homeowner you are entitled to certain rights, and your insurer is obliged to act in good faith. This is a legal term that means your insurance company must:

  • Ensure that your claim is processed as soon as possible
  • Open a thorough and impartial inquest into the amount of damage incurred
  • Offer you fair compensation that is in line with the severity of damage and covered losses.

At Louis Law Group, we act in your best interests and ensure that your insurance company acts in good faith. You have the right to say no to any offer that you think leaves you at a disadvantage. Also, you can seek help if you feel intimidated or cheated by your insurer. If this is the case, you can always count on our legal expertise to look out for your interests.

Go for A Dedicated Lawyer That Will Fight for You to the End

Due to the limited time frame for filing claims, it is recommended that you start the claim-filing process as soon as possible. Although this time limit applies only to filing the claim itself, and not the entire process, you still have to act quickly. To expedite your claim process, contact a Naples property damage claims lawyer, today.

Hiring the Experienced Property Damage Claim Lawyers at Louis Law Group

If you think your insurer has wrongly denied your claim, don’t hesitate to seek the services of a lawyer in Naples, FL. Louis Law Group can help you get the full compensation due to you, as stated in your policy. We will provide you with a no-charge consultation, and we can have a sit-down meeting to comprehensively review your policy and coverage. To contact our office, call (239) 331-5313 at and schedule a policy review appointment today.

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